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Plastic surgery services
We specialize in high quality Hair Transplants, Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic Dentistry and Laser Eye Surgery, providing excellent results for men and women.
Who is Avida Beauty Clinic?
Avida Beauty Clinic is a UK based medical tourism provider offering treatments to patients seeking affordable healthcare abroad. We specialize in high quality Hair Transplants, Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic Dentistry and Laser Eye Surgery, providing excellent results for men and women.

We have close working relationships with some of the most renowned surgeons in Turkey, allowing us to provide you with exceptional healthcare services at JCI accredited hospitals. With some of the most technologically advanced hospitals in the world, Turkey ranks amongst the top five popular medical tourism destinations. Our aim is to ensure that you receive high quality medical treatments at our affiliated hospitals which comply with international standards.

Our staff has over 12 years of healthcare experience and just like our surgeons they are amongst the best in the country. We carefully select our employees for their professionalism, experience and their friendliness.

Most importantly, we pride ourselves on delivering an unparalleled level of service from start to finish, making every effort so that your visit is convenient and pleasant.

Our team is committed to understanding your needs and providing you with expert patient care at all stages of your treatment. At Avida Beauty Clinic, we are dedicated to helping you find the medical solutions you need for a healthier and longer life.

3D Vaser Liposuction
Fat removal operations are now carried out with new technology, not classical methods. Vaser liposuction is the process of removing the fats in the desired areas with ultrasanographic sound waves and getting them out of the body after being made liquid. It doesn't leave much better appearance than classical liposuction methods.

3D Vaser Liposuction

Vaser liposuction surgery by answering the questions we asked to begin to introduce our service, vaser liposuction ultrasonic intervention in your body with the removal of unwanted fat is a process. In this process made with ultrasonic sound waves, excess fat in your body is broken down and discarded. With an advanced technology, this system makes women's faces laugh and take effective and lasting results. Vaser liposuction surgery and I'm very satisfied with our customers who say that the 3d vaser liposuction surgery before and after the time they see the effect very clearly. This method, which promises speed improvement with more effective and sensitive treatment compared to the traditional liposuction method, also offers body shaping. And other techniques, such as bleeding, bruising and tissue trauma, such as problems with renewed technology will be minimized. Vaser liposuction surgery is applied not only to the body but also to the arms. Hip vaser liposuction is very popular with our customers, but the procedures applied to other regions will be very beneficial for your body.

For which people is the 3D Vaser Liposuction suitable for?

Asymmetrically applied to people with fat distribution on the body of this method is applied after people are examined. Local or general anesthesia is performed in the procedure started by ordering the suitability of the operation of the desired region, the cause of the problems and what to do. Vaser liposuction before after we will take a picture before the process to see the full effect. If you have general anesthesia, you will have to walk one hour after the procedure.

For many years, women have sought to achieve the desired image, but the data show that this new method has the effect of overcoming the others. Thanks to the liposuction combined with the energy wave of the ultrasound, we give the body the desired image as a sculptor. Vaser-Lipo recovers skin elasticity by ensuring that the effects seen at the end of the procedure are not seen. Protection of nerves and muscles also prevents unnecessary pain after the operation. In addition, gynecomastia is a frequently preferred method in men with vaser liposuction. We would like to inform everyone who want to get information about this application for breast reduction in men and we will inform you about vaser liposuction prices. 3d vaser liposuction is a highly preferred application by customers from Kadıköy, Ataşehir and many other districts. If you want us to have the healthy look you want, you will need to contact us.

THE ADVANTAGES OF THE Vaser liposuction:

In contrast to other methods, Vaser lipo is the healthiest and fastest method of fat intake without damaging important tissues. In the liposuction procedure performed by this system, patients can continue their life by returning to social life.

The fat that is taken with this method is not damaged. It is possible to achieve patient satisfaction by injecting fat into the areas such as, cheek, chest and the chin.

To which part of the body is this technique applied to?

Abundant areas such as abdomen, back, leg, arm, abdomen, waist, leg, upper leg and basin (in men) due to excessive lubrication, breast growth in areas such as oil intake can be made very healthy.

For who is this procedure suitable to?

It is suitable for anyone who has regional redundancies, diet and sports, but not for those who cannot escape their fat. Usually, 5-6 hours post-surgery can be done from the hospital. After the operation, the social life can begin after 3 days.
Abdominal stretching surgery is one of the plastic surgery surgeries that have an important place during the frequency. This method for preventing abdominal wall formation and sagging is called abdominoplasty. Especially in this method, which is highly preferred by women, we get very happy returns after tummy tuck. Estehaircity team as a happy return because of the professional service we give you and before the tummy stretching is to make you see the change with your eyes. Although abdominal stretching and liposuction are performed in most places, you can be sure that you will have the perfect treatment process in our center. Abdominal stretching patients stated that they were very satisfied and had no complaints during their comments. Because our dynamic and expert team will ensure that the process is completed without leaving you before and after the surgery.

After the Abdominplasty surgery, what is required?

Abdominaplasty is a process of tightening and reshaping the muscles, which are removed from the skin and adipose tissue, which are excessive in the abdominal wall. Thanks to this surgery, increased fat tissue and sagging in the abdomen observed in the abdomen is removed and a thin look will be achieved. This surgery, which can be applied with three main methods, depends on the body structure of the individuals and the fat tissue ratio in the abdomen. After such an operation, the patient can either go home the same day or stay in our center for 1 night. The next day, you will be able to go out after about 3 days. It may take up to 2 weeks to return to work and routine habits. After the abdomen stretching surgery by our corset experts are recommended by the post-tension before after the result will be clearly seen. Your questions will be answered by your experts if you are curious about abdominal numbness, numbness, and tummy tuck surgery.

Surgical tummy tuck surgery at the beginning of the patients scared and frightened, but my specialist doctors will provide you with all the information required about the subject and you will be comfortable to enter the operation in every step of your opinion. Nutrition after abdominal stretching surgery has an important place after the operation, while the same processes and conditions apply to abdominal and leg stretching operations.

How long is the process of the Abdominplasty surgery?

Abdominal stretching (abdominoplasty) is the operation required for weight gain and posterior skin loss. Deformation of the abdominal region may result in loss of elasticity and muscle distortion. An aesthetically pleasing appearance does not occur, women who have problems in the choice of clothes to get rid of this image, people who live in this problem after the operation of the bikini and clothes are free to choose.

It is divided into 2 as a mini or full tummy tuck operation recommended by the physician according to the person. The choice of doctor should be professional and experienced in the operation. In the operation to be performed, the belly button must be placed symmetrically in the abdomen. It is necessary to revise the faulty operations again, therefore; a professional physician should be consulted when performing these operations

Abdominal stretching operations usually take 2-3 hours. One day after being admitted to hospital, he is taken out of the hospital and recommended to come to the controls for a period of 1 week following the period of periodic checks recommended by the doctor. The period of return to social life is 10 days.

After the operation, the doctor has to use the corset for 3 weeks. As is known, everyone's recovery time may vary. It is between 6 months and 1 year to reach the desired visuality. As in every operation in the aesthetics of abdominal aesthetics remains. Experienced doctors pull these traces into the areas we call bikini regions and they are performing their operations. Traces can be made uncertain by the laser treatments used to lose traces in today's technology. Abdominal stretching is more appropriate after delivery. Surgery can be performed 1 year after birth.
Beard Transplant

The same hair transplantation is done for the application of beard. As with beard transplantation, the number of roots should be carefully calculated and the area to be transferred should be calculated and planned individually according to the nape. Under appropriate conditions, hygienic service is provided by professional physicians in sterile operating room conditions.

Beard Transplant

Similarly to hair or eyebrows, beard sowing is also applied. Beard mustache cultivation, which has been used frequently by beards for various reasons, is a medical intervention with positive results. As Estehaircity, when you meet with us for beard planting, we will start by taking a photo in order to do it before the beard planting. Then the beard hurts my hand, beard transplantation surgery, beard planting advice, such as advice and we will inform you about the subject. Because if you decide in an informed manner you will be much more satisfied with the result.

What are the Stages of Beard Transplant?

The grafts that are coded to avoid spillage are selected and preserved in solutions to perform operation on the problematic area. Then we open special channels to process these grafts to the proper shape. After processing the grafts to the channels, we complete our process by sterilizing with lotions and bandaging. After the beard planting process, red blood stains will be formed in the form of dots with the effect of needles that we sink during the process. This image observed in the first stage disappears with your first bathroom, but the blood will be formed on the skin to prevent the beard. In the second week you will experience the shock shedding and after four to eight months, all your beards will come out and the problem area will also be bearded. You will be able to respond to the natural appearance of the beard cultivation after the procedures we can perform together with the chin beard cultivation. You will be able to understand the repair of the problem area in the photos we combine together before the beard planting and you will achieve excellence in the appearance after the beard planting

Beard Transplant prices vary from skin to skin and problem. Depending on how you applied to us, we will be able to offer you a reasonable price for beard cultivation prices in Istanbul.

Beard transplantation is the best doctor category with our expert team, how many days of beard cultivation, beard cultivation is allowed, the beard will be poured, such as the questions will be meticulously answered our questions. Beard cultivation We will be happy to help you along with our experts and helper team who are competent in Bakırköy. Do you have questions such as chin beard sowing or beard cultivation, or you can find answers on the web by visiting us. Our team, who wants to help you not one day, will carry out studies that will meet all your needs regarding beard transplant.
It's a procedure for fixing wrinkles on the face and neck like goose feet. With very fine-tipped needles, the muscles are stopped in communication with the nerves for some time. The effect lasts 4 to 6 months.


Everyone observes wrinkles on the surface of the skin, influenced by many factors such as stress, sun effects, aging, menopause and air pollution. Because the factors that constitute a serious risk accelerate the production of free radicals within the cell level. Of course, ageing is an inevitable natural cycle, but it is in your hands to reduce the effects of ageing and to delay the time. The Botox process, developed to cope with all our issues, is a type of protein obtained from a bacteria called Clostridium botulinum. Although this type of protein used for Botox is known for many years, it has been introduced for about 10 years with the aim of eliminating wrinkles. The easiest definition of people asking what is Botox is that the passage of the nerves in the region is blocked and the muscle contraction process is stopped and the response can be given to the tension.

Because of the lines formed by the facial contraction occur in these regions, permanent lines may be occurring at an early age. For this reason, various Botox creams, Botox needles are used in a highly preferred process and applied to the regions under the headings such as Botox jaw or Botox forehead.

What is the procedure for the Botox filling?

After preparing the fillings containing the protein and other components we have just mentioned, the process is applied to the desired area or lips with a needle. The process of injecting slowly takes approximately half an hour. You can easily return to your daily life after the immediate results. In accordance with the desired effect, your fractures will decrease or disappear completely. The retention period varies between 8 and 18 months. Of course, the answer to the question of how long Botox lasts varies proportionally to the person's skin.

Would the Botox procedure damage the skin?

Botox damages include swelling and redness in the injection site. Drowsiness and fatigue can be seen from person to person. However, all of these are side effects that are very rare. Botoksta first of all you should work with a very good doctor. Otherwise, unwanted problems may be observed. Post-botox edema can be seen as quickly as possible, but it is possible to work with a professional will be the best for your health. For this reason, your way to botox should definitely cross Estehaircity. We know that if you decide to process botox in your environment or the other questions in the future, such as the question whether the question is quite confusing. Although there are more than one comment about two questions, we are trying to get you a good look for health and we want to see you among us. Botox care at the time of botox treatment, Botox cream to be used after the filling, botox allergy, what to do for botoxl lip and many other topics will be subject to a wide information by our doctors.

If you want to have information about the price of Botox in our center we will be happy to inform you. Botoks Kadikoy, Besiktas or other districts of Istanbul is a method of choice, even though you work with us in the health will be at your beauty. We will talk about the price of botox nose surgery and more between our pleasant conversation.
In order to obtain an aesthetic appearance, some women choose to apply various procedures and choose the method of application to their breasts. Because small breasts do not provide a satisfactory appearance by women, large breasts cause various health problems. Women who have a large amount of chest size compared to their body experience posture disorder and have back and neck pain. Even this situation becomes so disturbing that various back diseases become unavoidable. Here are the breast reduction surgery that we have done in order to prevent these and normalize your breasts so that most women get the appearance they want. After the breast reduction surgery, our patients survive most of their problems and live by the Estehaircity experts without any problems. Because doctors who perform breast reduction surgery perform a surgical intervention with a very professional perspective.

Those who have breast surgery apply to our center with many questions about the operation. While some of our patients state their complaints and ask how they will recover chest aesthetics, on the other hand, the aesthetics of the breasts are very curious before. After informing you about all the things that you are curious about, we are aiming to start the operation and get perfect breasts.


You will be ready for operation after you have completely fulfilled the requirements for breast reduction. Of course, if you are wondering what the risks of this surgical intervention are, we can say bleeding and hematoma. Because of the tissue removed from the breast due to a certain rate of bleeding occurs. For this reason, your blood values should be checked before the operation and should be at a normal limit.

Another risk factor is the presence of marked scarring or delayed wound healing. However, these two conditions are seen especially in diabetic patients or in many smokers. In such cases, our doctors are using a special treatment method to cover the scars. In addition to this, stitching, wound opening or inflammation may occur depending on various conditions. However, each risk is a possibility, and in most patients almost none of these conditions are encountered.

For who is the breast reduction surgery suitable for?

Every woman who wants to perform the procedure with specific complaints or aesthetic problems may have breast reduction surgery. Of course, before you start the procedure, your blood values and body will be taken into consideration by taking into account a chest form.

If you want to get detailed information about breast reduction prices 2018 and breast aesthetics prices 2018, the doors of our center will always be open to you. You will reach all information about price and the intervention you want by Estehaircity difference.

In addition to aesthetic problems in women, applications are also provided as a health problem. Neck and back pains, posture disorders, diaphoresis and sweating in the chest area cause a number of problems that may affect their social lives. Breast reduction operations are a little more important than other breast surgery operations and should be referred to good doctors. Nipple heads must be positioned correctly and also provide an aesthetic appearance. This procedure can be applied to any woman who has completed the age of 18 years. After weight gain or genetically very large breasts, post-sag breast reduction may be needed.

After 2 to 3 hours of operation, the pateient can be kept in the hospital under observation for 1 day. Breast reduction surgery is the most painful operation however, it can provide the fastest return to social life.

There is no regrowth in the breast after the reduction surgery. Breast reduction surgeries are not related to the risk of cancer, but the people who have undergone this surgery, reduce the risk.


There is no numbness after the operation by experienced and professional doctors. As in every surgery, the operation of the line remains unclear as it will be an aesthetic-looking operation in this operation.
Buttock Enlargement Surgery
The process known as butt enlargement aesthetics or butt lifting operation is one of the operations that women are most interested in and want to do. Generally, fast weight gain after the sagging situations caused by women to the butt aesthetics of the center of our service we bring you in a healthy way with this service. Those who have a butt filling in our center are very satisfied with their new appearance and they survive without any problems thanks to the knowledge of our surgeons. Our team will be able to see the effects before the butt lifting operation.

In addition to this, you can add more sparkle to your perfect appearance accompanied by our doctors who are also experts in hip aesthetics. You should keep in mind that after hip reduction surgeries, care will be as important as the operation process. Although our title is butt enlargement, most women complain about their redundancy. Our doctors will help you in every area you want. As with every application, you can browse our other references with pre-butt reduction aesthetics, or you can add your own look between our new references.

What is the process of the buttock Enlargement Surgery?

At the beginning of our article, we talked about why such a process is being applied and some of the stages that we perform in response to demand. Well, if you ask how this is done, you should first trust yourself with the hands of a doctor you really trust. We would like to warn you in this regard that we carry out such a work based on trust and professionalism. Then, when all preparations are completed, a surgical incision will be taken from the place where both of the buttocks meet, and pockets will be formed in the half regions of both buttocks. Silicone prostheses will be placed and these prostheses will be more rigid than breast silicone. As the risk of inflammation is important in surgical procedures, hygiene will be very important for you after the intervention. 3 hours of this process as a result of a 1-week rest can return to your daily life. You will need to discuss with our experts to get detailed information about butt aesthetics prices 2018 and hip esthetics 2018. Because everyone's body and the process will vary in some points can not be given a clear information.

It is usually the operation for sagging and loosening after excessive weight gain. This operation is also recommended to obtain a more curved or large image. With the sagging and falling down of the buttocks, specially designed prostheses are used to increase the lifting operation. These prostheses are approved prostheses.

After the surgery, the patient will be kept in the hospital for a day, after they will be released, and another appointment will be booked for a week after, this appointment will be for a quick check up, after the check up is done, the patient will be able to return to their social lifes.
Canal treatment
We take the vitamins and minerals necessary for the continuity of our lives through nutrients. These nutrients are first chewed by the teeth in the mouth. Of course, a healthy care and cleaning process for the use of teeth in this way for many years should be done. If these procedures are not done, various bruises, yellowing, pain, tooth enamel injury, halitosis and a pretty bad appearance are emerging. One of the methods applied for treating such problems is the channel therapy in a very important place in terms of dental health.

Channel treatment success rate is a highly preferred application. It is applied when the nerves in the teeth are unable to repair themselves. The nerves within the tooth called Pulpa are responsible for feeding the tooth. In addition, it is a tissue that gives vitality to the tooth. When this system is destroyed, the most significant severe pain of decay, odor, bad appearance will inevitably be inevitable. In general, deep decay or broken teeth damage the pulp tissue and cause it to be destroyed.

What are the stages of the canal therapy?

The canal treatment is a short procedure lasting about 1 hour. Our experts will be able to numb the region with regional anesthesia and expect a complete match after making the area ready for processing. Then the root canal will be determined how long to work and the duct cavity will begin to be shaped. The process will be completed by filling the last duct cavity to be disinfected. Estehaircity specialists will continue to follow the situation as 2 radiographs after the procedures are completed. Of course, this process is a general narrative and the problem of your dental structure and the process varies according to the application process. After the end of the channel treatment, you will be notified by our experts about the canal treatment jaw ache and duct treatment filler while taking precautions with various painkillers to prevent pain. The question of whether the canal treatment is painful, we can respond to the form of local anesthesia before the procedure is not felt any pain.

How many sessions does the channel treatment take?

The channel treatment period is sufficient for a single session in the canal treatment process performed on a live tooth. However, if the tooth has lost its vitality and there is inflammation in the root, the process is prolonged by two or more.

Channel treatment price and channel treatment prices for 2018 must be contacted by our center. It is the process of removing the tissues within the tooth as a result of the effects of blood vessels and nerves and their vitality function. If the cavities in our teeth are from the tooth layer to the lower layer to the dentin layer and then the blood and nerve vessels, the canal treatment should be applied. In the area where the canal treatment needs to be done, infection control is sealed so that the root canal is dried and there is no space. It is called to control with specific intervals, the anti-bacterial inside the channel is replaced. After the check is provided, the channels are sealed and the filling process is done.
Carbon Peeling
Carbonpeeling treatment is the leading cause of skin rejuvenation treatment. It is a combination of laser energy and carbon mask. It triggers the production of collagen in the skin and treats the loss of elasticity. It is planned as 4 and 6 sessions. According to the needs of the doctor's skin is planned again.

Carbon Peeling

Carbon peeling treatment is an important treatment method used in the dermatology field for the treatment of blemishes. This method, which is frequently preferred by women in recent years, is also very effective in removing fine and small hairs.

What is Carbon Peeling?

There are hospitals and many centers that make carbon peeling. We are one of the centers in Istanbul that perfect this service with you. Carbon peeling is the most common answer to our customers who asked what is the most common answer is a laser method used in the treatment of blemish and skin renewal. Before applying laser treatment, we keep carbon solution for 15-20 minutes in order to increase the effectiveness of color. During this time, the carbon content will be absorbed by the pores and the color increase will be realized. Thus, the laser process we apply is more effective.

Carbon peeling is a frequently used method for the treatment of acne. Our customers who ask us if the carbon peeling is working, after a few sessions from the process we have realized, clearly see the effect when they do before. While regaining skin color, carbon peeling gives vitality to the pore, it will be completely cleaned at black spots.

How long does the carbon peeling effect last?

The duration of the session to be determined according to the solution of the desired problem should be in the range of 1-3 weeks. 4-5 sessions will be applied as a result of the treatment effects on your skin when the duration of the session of the treatment of stains is extended. If you ask whether carbon peels or not, we can give a slight burning and stinging sensation. Of course, after carbon peeling, care is at least as important as the procedures performed during the sessions. Because if you want to keep carbon peeling effects on your skin for a long time you should always use the creams that we will recommend to you and keep your skin fit. Carbon peeling laser is used for all other types of carbon peeling. If you want to learn about carbon peeling price 2018, we will be waiting for you. You will examine your skin and determine the price after the desired procedure and you will have a fresh skin like other carbon peeling customers from Kadıköy and surrounding districts.
Inlays and onlays filler application is confronted with the question of what is inlays filler, and if it is necessary to briefly define the ceramic fillings itself and to complete the losses occurring in the teeth for reasons such as trauma or duct treatment The type of filler made of porcelain or composites that allows it to be restored. However, ceramic fillings are much more adapted to the environment compared to composite fillings. Ceramic onlays and inlays fillings aim to protect the robust part of the targeted tooth in lamina and enernions. These types of filler are applied to the teeth on the back side by patients with high aesthetic anxiety and comfort expectation. The fillings, which gives a much healthier and aesthetic look compared to the amalgam fill, retain longer validity than others.

What is the main reason why the ceramic filler is put in process?

Ceramic onlays and inlays fillings are made of porcelain prepared as pressed. And this material constitutes a more durable structure than composite fillings. The ceramic filler, which complements the remaining structure in an aesthetic way, is long-lasting. It provides a biologically flawless fit to the teeth and never enters an allergic condition and causes various reactions.

None of the deformation and wear conditions that are likely to occur in composite fillings are observed in the ceramic inlays onlays filling. Inlays onlays fillings, which are more advantageous in every respect, allow you to eat hard food. Because the eating surfaces are highly polished, they do not stain and cause bacteria to be formed.

How is the process of ceramic fill done?

The composite inlays filler application is an aesthetically pleasing application that aims to make patients happy with a nice posture and healthy smiles. Teeth can be removed from all cavities by using the dental measurements to restrict the porcelain part is determined structures. After the measurements sent to the laboratory, the sections outside of the prepared molds are completed with a substance called candle modelling and the new mold is tailored to the entire anatomical structure of your tooth. After the last appearance of the moulds that our doctor assistants are working on, they are adapted to the tooth by our doctor and integrated with the teeth. After the process is finished polishing and polishing the teeth are made ready for your new smile.

Onley fill prices, porcelain fill prices 2018 and ceramic Fill prices are also quite curious by our patients, but you can get the most accurate information about the price by physicians in our center.

As a dental coating, today's technology has also been used as a dental filler. The Doctor decides as an onlays or inlays according to his teeth. It consists of several phases; Measurement is applied to the person after a few days after the temporary filling is done to the patient.

It is a solution between the filling and the Curon (coating). Filler is an aesthetic procedure applied to teeth that do not have adequate tooth tissue or are not damaged to be coated.

What makes porcelain in lays and front lays different?

They are long-lasting,
They protect the remaining intact tooth tissue,
The risk of margin leakage and new decay is minimal,
Dental-Restoration harmony is very sensitive.
In recent years, a highly preferred hair transplantation process, which has been made many innovations, is one of the most important methods used to solve the problem of hairlessness. Generally hair transplantation is done regionally as most hair loss starts regionally. The information in the literature confirms this situation and the hair from the nails is not spilled.

In addition to genetic causes, we experience hair loss due to the stressful environment, unbalanced nutrition and the use of false hair care products. Hair loss problems occur in both sexes in both sexes.

Nowadays, hair loss and baldness are carried out with the advancing technology, aiming to eliminate them. Hair transplantation, dilution, hair space and the areas of hair follicles that are coded not to be spilled in the direction of the transfer of hair follicles is the process of transfer.

The area to be planted with hair transplantation and maximum graft intake, natural appearance in a single session, tight, intense and the person is most appropriate to the appearance.

Our goal is to perform hair transplantation operation by providing the most natural appearance in a way that it does not understand that a person has a hair transplant operation.

Today there are 2 techniques; fue and fut technique. Usually fue technique is preferred. Both the results are more successful and better, and the fue technique gives the desired result in terms of aesthetic appearance. The most important issue here is that the number of roots should be carefully calculated without damaging the donor area, and the area to be transferred should be calculated and planned individually.

The hair structure, which varies from person to person, is one of the advantages that will be provided by the person. The more the number of multiple roots, the more natural-looking hair transplantation operation happens.

How does the hair Transplantation Occur?

We think you need to know how the process takes place before the advantages of hair transplant. As Estehaircity, it is useful to know that the procedure is a surgical intervention. However, with our experienced team and experts, we will be successful in this process and as in everyone, we will get perfect hair transplantation results. During our process, our specialists will take hair roots from certain parts of your body and add them to the area where baldness is seen with a series of procedures. When we do this before and after hair transplantation, we will see the difference with your own eyes after a certain period of time and you will be very satisfied with our service.

Our team members who will inform you about the prices of hair transplantation will allow you to be in a hair transplantation center where everything happens as it should. The only reason why we are the first names that come to mind when we are talking about hair transplantation in Istanbul is that we care about you and keep our business meticulously. After the hair transplantation, you can see the changes seen after hair transplantation, hair transplantation results, hair transplantation phases, Fue method which is a frequently used method in the treatment of hair transplantation and everything you wonder about hair transplantation methods. You will be able to get.

Customers who want to perform such an operation in Istanbul but cannot rely on most centers are especially happy to meet with us in Ataşehir and the surrounding areas. Because we not only inform you about the process but also the hair transplantation prices and the current hair transplantation prices before 2018 about the process we are doing an informative interview. In this way, we answer your questions about price and hair transplantation bandage method, hair transplantation pain, hair transplantation period or hair transplantation. You can reach us through our contact address or you can reach us through the live support line. In this way, our specialist hair transplantation doctors in your area will help you and you will get a healthy way you want!
Implant treatment
The loss of posterior teeth with implant treatment is the placement of artificial teeth made of titanium into the cavity without jaws of healthy teeth.

Implant treatment

recently, we have been experiencing great revolutions in the field of technology, and we are frequently faced with questions about implant treatment while signing innovations. Although the subject of everyone's vision seems to be known, its functioning, function and the purpose it serves are not known exactly. Therefore, if we need to explain dental care and implant dental treatment for implant treatment; Implants that are derived from titanium and inserted into the mandible and are in the form of a stem or screw that aims to heal the bone within this implant. While the advantages of implant treatment are more undeniable than other methods, implant treatment period and implant treatment phases are among the subjects that people are quite curious about. As estehaircity, we provide you with complete information about all the services you wish in our center in order to give you a full and accurate service. Then we set a treatment method to suit your mouth and your problem. Implant treatment.

How is implant treatment done?

Implant treatment is placed on the jawbone and acts as an artificial root to support pre-made prostheses. It must be quite robust and unsteady in order to see the artificial root function. For this reason, titanium screws are placed on your tooth root and you are provided with seamless teeth for life. This procedure, carried out in a very sterile environment by our specialists, requires a minor surgical intervention. For this reason, anesthesia is applied in the treatment of implants and the implant prosthesis, which serves as the root within 2 -3 months after the procedure, is becoming carried. In order to begin implant treatment, it is necessary to have your bone structure support the implant and your gums should be quite healthy. When the necessary environment and conditions are provided, our specialists will start with you in an effortless and very easy period.

What should be considered in implant treatment?

Firstly, if we answer the question of how many days the implant treatment lasts, the operation is completed within approximately 1-2 hours. After the operation, you should avoid hot foods and eat soft food for the first 24 hours. Since nutrition in implant treatment has a very important place, you will have a seamless recovery period if you follow the other instructions of your doctor.
The Laminate veener process is considered a kind of dental aesthetics. Because our teeth, which are gradually reconstituted after birth, may be more discrete or yellow than should be due to structural and genetic factors. In the Laminate Weener process, the front teeth get rid of their bad looks and gain an aesthetic appearance. As a result of the process carried out by our specialists with this service, you will have corrected your teeth with a crooked, disproportionately intermittent, permanent stain and gained a new smile. Porcelain laminate veenerds are chemically attached to the surface of the tooth and feature ceramic material. In recent years, one of the biggest innovations in aesthetic dentistry is the reason that we have accomplished this application so successfully that the professional perspective of our physicians and the substances in different tissues are in a very flawless way . Laminate teeth whitening, laminated dental coating methods in laminated tooth treatment.

What are the advantages of Porsenel Laminate Veener?

This method, which changes the shape, color and size of the tooth with a much more conservative perspective, is realized in a very short time. In short short 3 sessions, the control model is first taken in the process. The second one, the tooth cut and the 3rd session porcelain laminate is placed in a very successful way. The first session in 3 sessions is very important. Because here the treatment is planned and how a smile is determined to be targeted. Because our experts want to resolve even the slightest question mark before the transaction to achieve a completely desired outcome, the dental models will be meticulously taken and the result is actually determined from the first session. Aesthetic Laminate Weener method has become the favorite application of all patients with their promises. In the successful processes of our magical application specialists who make the smiles and white teeth that everyone desires, you become even more perfect in your new teeth.

Laminated dental prices are also very curious because of the application of the eye, but the clearest and correct answer to our centers will be learned by our specialist doctors. Leaf porcelain 2018 prices and leaf porcelain dental prices will be easier to make your decision with a wide range of information.

Laminate Veneer treatment is a treatment made in a very short time for people who are unhappy with the shape and color of their teeth. Porcelain leaves that are glued to the front surface of the tooth without erode the touch of enamel, which is less damaging compared to China treatment. It imitates the natural tooth thanks to its superior light permeability. The construction time is much shorter than the porcelain treatment is the biggest advantage. The lamina made by our professional and experienced specialists have a period of 10 to 20 years of use. This application can also be applied to people who have teeth ranges and have broken front teeth and are worn.
Lip filler
Full and glamorous lips have been indispensable for women for centuries as the head of beauty. While the full lips between different lip structures are so popular, the cosmetics and science world has never improved the desire of women and developed the lip filling process. For many years, we prefer the lip filling that many women have chosen for you in Estehaircity center and we provide you with the image you want.

Lip filling is applied to women who are disturbed by their appearance due to various reasons or because of various factors. We inject dermal fills into and around the lip in the filler, an aesthetic intervention applied to women who want their lips to look fuller and larger. However, this process must be done by experts. You should not rely on people who do not have any heel about your health and who do not have a doctor.

After the lip filling, although people have the appearance of how much they want, lip-filling is painful before, various questions about lip-filling surgery, lip-filling care and lip filling stages are asked about various questions. We will provide you with the perfect information about what you want to know when you entertain us in our center. In addition to these, our doctors can answer your questions with lip filling, and we will give you an idea of what kind of appearance you would like to have before with the lip filling before after images of our customers.

Lip Fill Considerations

Lip filler surgery before the lip filler after the answer to your questions, such as the answer to the area around the lip should fill carefully. You will also be informed in detail about lip-filling care in the lips that will begin to determine the volume, shape and full image. Of course you will need to pay attention to some issues.

First of all, lip filling is graded as 1 cc. For this reason, you must determine the exact width for your face. Then, if you smoke, you should take a break 1 week before the procedure. When making your choice, your upper lip should show a proportional growth with your upper lip. If you do not have any harm when you do it normally, and you do not work with a trusted doctor, your lip filling damage will steal your door.

At Estehaircity, we offer you the healthy door of reliable beauty. After you choose us, you can get a lot of information about lip filling prices and choose the one that suits your needs. Those who choose our center and make lip fill are very happy with their positive comments and we are happy to see you among us and continue to work to add a difference to your beauty.
Nose Aesthetics
Enjoy 20/20 Vision with LASIK

LASIK is the most advanced and commonly performed laser treatment in the world and it simply involves reshaping the cornea to correct vision problems including mild to severe short-sightedness, long-sightedness and astigmatism. It is a minimally invasiveprocedure performed by opening up an ultra-thin flap on the surface of the eye using blade-free laser technology. A second laser is then applied to the underlying surface to reshape your cornea's imperfections so that you can permanently enjoy 20/20 vision.

Latest Technology

Our surgeons are leading specialists in their field and they use the latest techniques in modern ophthalmology for world-class results. Comprised of a highly qualified team of surgeons and nurses with a proven track record, they perform over 4000 Laser Eye Surgeries every year. Using the most innovative technologies carefully selected by our surgeons, we provide personalised treatments at our state-of-the-art hospital.

Book your surgery today to see clearly without the help of your glasses or contact lenses.

Procedure Time
Laser Eye Surgery lasts around 15 minutes.

Laser Eye Surgery is performed under local anaesthesia.

Patients can return to work within 24 hours with only mild discomfort.
Oral and Dental Health
A good dental care is quite important for the gums and a healthy mouth. Besides these, it is very important in appearance and quality of life. Rotten teeth or a routine unmaintained mouth will cause various problems, while also exposing the appearance of halitosis and a yellow tooth. If you routinely take your oral controls to prevent all of this, you can continue your life without any problems. As Estehaircity which serves you for these purposes, we help you in many areas of oral and dental health. The importance of oral and dental health, constantly emphasising the treatments that need to be performed, oral and dental health is a very important treatment for jaw surgery. These treatment methods that are very important for the protection of oral and dental health are not only securing your dental health but also ensuring that you have a healthy way of controlling your stomach and all your bodily functions.

What is the meaning of good dental health?

Oral or dental health is a condition that is completely related to the structure of your gums and your mouth. The aim here is to prevent gum disease and decay. The absence of wounds, infections, teeth and gum problems in the healthy mouth is very important for your overall health as we have just mentioned. Although people constantly focus on oral health and not see the whole of the part, the regularity of oral health means that the overall body is protected in a healthy way. It will be quite easy to avoid the negativity that will be experienced by taking preventive steps regularly. Brushing and flossing twice a day will minimize your problems related to oral health in these preventive steps.

Oral health is the first teeth that will be released after the birth and begins ahead. If parents consistently educate children about their oral health, they will not have any problems or will not be in a health-threatening manner, even if the problem occurs. It can be easily applied in other surgical interventions to have problems with dental health over time. Kadikoy Oral and dental health maxillofacial surgery can reach us as the center providing a very active service for appointment, the Oral and dental Health Center can get the most impeccable service around Kadıköy.

When it comes to the concepts of beauty and aesthetics, in women, men and children, all the details such as teeth, gums, jaw, and so on, are the impressions that people leave on our faces. In addition, oral and dental health problems lead to social problems, psychological problems and speech disorders, digestive problems.

In today's technology, oral dental health techniques have progressed. Even international residents have been determined to prefer the treatment techniques in Turkey for oral and dental health.
Orthodontic treatment is to detect and prevent the problems of incompatible jaw and crooked teeth. A number of disorders related to the jaw can be hereditary as well as the teeth that arise in time may be caused by an incompatible growth of the jaw. Orthodontic surgery can be performed depending on the condition that the upper or lower jaw is behind if people are in adolescence. In the center of Orthodontic Surgery, you will be able to perform any service you seek for your child or for yourself in health and safety. The orthodontist expert will help you pass the necessary information and provide you with a period of no trouble.

What is orthodontic treatment?

This method is applied if you have an orthodontic embedded dental problem or your child has a trapezoidal tooth problem. Orthodontic jaw Surgery is usually an application used for the treatment of orthodontic jaw stenosis. Because you've often heard the phrase, "If I had a wire on time, you'd be making a smoother tooth today" from your surroundings or close relatives. Orthodontics service is carried out by estehaircity specialists to avoid this problem with your child or your future. The treatment of orthodontic jaw shifting in children's ages is also done for this purpose. There is an application session and intermediate sessions in the process of attaching the wire. Of course, all of these phases will be painless and very simple time zones. If you prefer such an application for your child, our experts will act in a very cheerful manner without scaring them. After the wires are inserted, the teeth may continue to be brushed normally, but due to the presence of wires a little more delicate pretend.

What should be the attention of orthodontic patients

You have applied for the orthodontic procedure and your wires have been successfully attached. After this process, the time specified by your doctor and the wires until the time to remove the wires and break the hardness to cause breakage should stay away from. Apart from this, hard fruits should not be bitten directly but must be eaten by cutting. Acidic beverages should not be drunk, stick to mouth and chewing gum should be avoided. The duration of treatment may be as long as 2.5 years for patients who are admitted to the hospital for more than 1.5 years. Orthodontics As the Estehaircity team, the most suitable address for Kadikoy and Atasehir region, orthodontic treatment prices and orthodontic prices are scheduled for 2018 and you should receive a clear information.

Orthodontic treatment is a treatment applied for very intermittent teeth and crooked teeth. It is a technique made with plates such as metal appearance or tooth color on the upper surface of the tooth. This treatment can be applied to patients of any age.
PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)
The so-called PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) treatment is a case where the patient's own blood is passed through a special instrument and the roots called fibroblasts are separated and treated. Hair mesotherapy can be applied simultaneously to the patients in this method which is effective especially in genetic spills.

What is PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) and How is the PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Application performed?

As Estehaircity, we are giving you the prp hair service which we have given to you as we mentioned before, and we are performing with the beneficial roots we take from your own blood. Prp success rate is very high in this process, which is highly demanded by the whole world. In the Prp application to be performed for hair, we take 10 cc from the blood of our patient. After centrifugation, we apply a special procedure to the region which has been diluted in your blood and injected with napage method. The procedures we provide are quite medical terms, but you should know that the process of tissue regeneration lies at the heart of the procedure. You will be able to continue your routine life without hearing any pain or pain as a result of the process which will last 30 minutes with prp treatment. Of course it is very important to work with expert names here and that's why we should choose! You will entrust yourself to our specialist doctors as a result of the process that we will continue with the benefits of Prp and you will be saved from this problem genetically.

PRP Effect And PRP Supported Hair Transplantation

Prp-assisted hair treatment is performed in a way that it takes 30 minutes every 15 days. According to the person's need for 3-4 months after this process as a result of the desired appearance once a year to come together and renew the application will be sufficient. When you do before and after Prp, you will realize that the biggest advantage is that it does not carry the risk of allergy and is natural because it is derived from your own blood. You will be able to get detailed information about our Prp prices, which you are curious about during the process which will continue without any slight change in your image. Depending on the structure and problem of your hair in the process that will change prp prp Kadikoy and many other neighborhoods are coming to our healthy appearance. With our Prp before after application you will be pleased to see the change closely and you will say değişim good thing siz for choosing Estehaircity ..

PRP treatment is the method of applying the rich part of the patient to the troubled region by using mesotherapy technique. It starts to feed the growth hormone provided by the stem cells to the applied area, nourish the hair follicles which are stronger and also the existing hair follicles. This treatment can be applied to people with sparse hair who have a dull appearance and a dull appearance.

How long it would take: . 3 times in a row to be done 3 times in a row of hair follicles, weak, weak hair strands are saved. This treatment can be repeated after 6 months-1 year

Who is it suitable for: Women who experience hair loss after birth are recommended to people experiencing hormonal shedding in men, hair loss due to chronic diseases (diabetes, thyroid disease), hair loss due to drugs and hair loss due to protein iron deficiency.

Process : The most important factor to be taken into account when performing Prp, PRP in the stage, in the preparation of plasma material; The use of closed technical PRP kit. However, it eliminates the risks of infectious diseases such as hepatitis b, hepatitis c.

Taking the patient's own blood and using a closed technique PRP kit for the preparation of plasma material eliminates the risks of infectious diseases such as hepatitis b, hepatitis c.
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James M.
Hair Transplant
I received nothing but positive energy from the staff the entire time. They have been extremely supportive, friendly and their hospitality is the finest I have ever seen from any medical company. The surgery went well and they ensured that I was comfortable every step of the way, responding to any concerns or queries with haste and reassurance. Thank you to the Team who made all of the arrangements and to anyone considering surgery I would recommend Maya!
Adam L.
Laser Eye Surgery
I had a great experience from start to finish, They looked after me really well and they were very attentive to my questions and needs. I've had poor vision for 25 years and came across Maya Medical Solutions while researching options. They provided me with extensive information and professional advice. I would recommend to all my friends and family and to anyone else considering medical treatment abroad.
Ace H.
Hair Transplant
It was a nice and easy process , excellent communication and there was nothing to worry about. Sule from Maya Medical was always there to help and support . With regards of the clinic procedures , interpreters were available all the time, transportation between the airports , hotel and clinic are all arranged too. I would highly recommend and would use the service again if needed.
Simran K.
I had a brilliant experience and surgery. It's thanks to you and the surgeon, but it wouldn't be a success if it wasn't for you. Thanks a lot from me and my mum.
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